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FCC Comments regarding the Retransmission Consent Complaint Against Paul Bunyun Rural Telephone Cooperative

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The American Cable Association ("ACA") submits these brief comments urging the Commission to look past the preposterous allegations of "coordination" between ACA and the clients of a certain law firm in the filing of retransmission consent complaints, and focus on the important issues involved in this matter. The complainant's accusation has no basis in fact. For years, ACA has brought to the Commission's attention the problems that its independent cable operator members face in their retransmission consent negotiations with broadcasters, and its filing in this matter was no exception.

Respectfully submitted,


Matthew M. Polka
President and Chief Executive Officer
American Cable Association
One Parkway Center
Suite 212
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220
(412) 922-8300

Ross J. Lieberman
Vice President of Government Affairs
American Cable Association
4103 W Street, N.W., Suite 202
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 494-5661

081229 ACA Comments in Response to the RTC Joint Complaint Against Paul Bunyan.pdf22.65 KB

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