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FCC Comments in Response to the FCC Public Notice on Broadband Adoption

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I. Introduction and Summary.

The American Cable Association ("ACA") files these comments in response to
the Commission's Public Notice seeking comment on broadband adoption - specifically,
identifying and remedying barriers to broadband adoption.1 In these comments, ACA
specifically identifies two areas that constitute a barrier to broadband adoption:

  • All-or-nothing Internet content business models that increase broadband
    prices and affect the affordability of broadband access for many
    consumers; and
  • Restrictions on flexible pricing models for broadband access.

American Cable Association. Small markets and rural areas across the
country receive video, high-speed broadband, and phone service from more than 900
small and medium-sized independent operators represented by ACA.

ACA's membership includes a variety of businesses - family-owned companies
serving small towns and villages, multiple system operators serving predominantly rural
markets in several states, and hundreds of companies in between. These companies
deliver affordable basic and advanced services, such as high-definition television, next generation
Internet access, and digital phone, to more than 7 million households and
businesses. More than 75 percent of ACA's members serve fewer than 5,000

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