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ACA Public Issue – October 10, 2012 

 Key Developments  

American Cable Association Statement On FCC's Program Access Vote

American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka, in a statement, responded to the Federal Communications Commission's decision to allow the 1992 Cable Act's program access exclusivity ban to sunset immediately.

"ACA is disappointed that the FCC decided to permit the prohibition on exclusive contracts to sunset, but it appreciates the FCC's willingness to adopt some modifications to the Section 628(b) unfair practices complaint process to make it less burdensome for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs),” Polka said.

The FCC adopted the order on Oct. 5, setting aside competitively important rules that had been in place for about 20 years.

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American Cable Association Statement On 20th Anniversary Of The 1992 Cable Act

American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka issued the following statement on Oct. 5 regarding the need to update the 1992 Cable Act to provide consumers with more choice and competition:

"Although today marks the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Cable Act, it is hardly a cause for celebration. Government-granted retransmission consent rights are repeatedly abused by broadcasters to lay down ‘blackmail or blackout' ultimatums, usually timed to coincide with marquee sporting or cultural events to maximize their leverage over pay-TV providers.

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ACA Statement On MLB's $12.4 Billion TV Rights Deals With ESPN, Fox And TBS

American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka issued a statement on Oct. 2 commenting on news that Major League Baseball had completed new eight-year TV deals worth $12.4 billion with ESPN, Fox and TBS.

"The plain truth is that these MLB deals will send monthly pay-TV bills streaking skyward. They will make life hard for families whose incomes, hammered by the recession, can't keep pace with the greed of broadcasters, cable networks and sports leagues,” Polka said.

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  News Headlines

House Intelligence Committee Calls Huawei, ZTE National Security Threats
A recent report by the House Intelligence Committee recommended that U.S. companies should be blocked from carrying out mergers and acquisitions with Huawei Technologies and ZTE Inc. claiming their equipment could be used for spying.

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 About ACA  

Across this vast country, small and rural markets participate in the digital revolution by receiving video, broadband, and phone services from nearly 850 small and medium-sized independent operators represented by the American Cable Association (ACA).

ACA’s members -- cable, phone, and fiber-to-the-home operators and municipalities -- deliver affordable basic and advanced services to about 7.4 million households and businesses. ACA members operate in every state, offering high-definition television, next generation Internet access, and digital phone service.

Access to advanced communications is not a luxury but a critical necessity for consumers and companies, schools and hospitals. America’s economic prosperity in smaller markets and rural areas depends on the growth and success of ACA members, who believe a connected nation, is a united nation.

The ACA asks lawmakers and regulators to ensure fair treatment so that small and medium-sized independent operators may continue to supply affordable video, broadband, and phone services to Main Street America. Through active participation in the policymaking process, ACA members and leaders advocate for the interests of their customers, their companies, and their communities to help ensure the continued viability of their way of life in hometown America.

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